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Day 1

8:00am    Introduction

9:00am     Overview of HACCP System

                   Food Regulations in the US, Origins of HACCP, International Application

                of HACCP, 7 Principles and Review of FDA regulation Part 123.

11:45am    Lunch

12:45pm    Seafood Safety Hazards

                    We'll review the basic biological, chemical and physical hazards that

                 can lead to food problems for consumers and their controls.

2:15pm      Hazard Analysis; Preliminary Steps

                    Detailed product descriptions including identification of elevated risk

                 factors for each finished product allows groups to create similar product

                 groups based on shared risk. Risk profiles are essential to initial

                 hazard analysis and reassessments.

5:30pm      Review Day - Assign Homework

                    End of Day 1.  Homework Assignment; Reading and Written Assignment

Day 2

8:00am      Review of the Homework Assignment

9:30am      Hazard Analysis

                 A Hazard Analysis method will be introduced and students will be

                 broken into workgroups to apply this method to a model seafood

                 company. This session will also describe how a company can use their

                 hazard analysis to comply with a variety of regulatory programs.

10:45am    Hazard Analysis: Risk Assessment

                 The third step in the hazard analysis method used in the B&L course,

                 students will apply probability and severity assessment to help them

                 identify those significant hazards which must be controlled within a

                 HACCP Plan.

11:30am    FDA Hazards and Controls Guidance Verifying your Hazard Analysis

                 The FDA Fish and Fishery Products Hazards and Controls Guidance

                 Cocument will be used to verify the effectiveness of the hazard analysis

12:15pm    Lunch

1:15pm      Control Measures

                 Control measures are the cornerstone upon which a HACCP plan is build;

                 students will develop and apply control measures to control significant

                 hazards through elimination, reduction or prevention for the model

                 seafood company practical exercise.

2:30pm      CCP Determination

                    CCP determination approaches will be discussed for in-transit,

                 in-process and cumulative time-out-of-temperature related hazards.

                 Discussion of the Part 123 - FDA Seafood HACCP Regulation will

                 address regulatory requirements and exceptions.

3:30pm      FDA Seafood HACCP Plan

                 A review of the HACCP plan form used by the US FDA will help students

                 capture HACCP theory on paper.

4:00pm      Critical Limits

                 Dfining control measures by determining direct or indirect critical limits

                 will be covered; workgroups will continue developing a HACCP plan for

                 a Seafood Company model. Process control sources will be identified.

5:30pm      End of Day 2 - Assign Homework

Day 3

8:00am      Review Homework

9:00am      Monitoring Procedures

                 Defining and developing monitoring procedures will be covered;

                 workgroups will continue developing their HACCP PLAN.

10:30am    Corrective Actions

                 Defining and developing appropriate corrective action plans for critical

                 limit deviations will be cvered. Workgroups will continue the

                 development of the HACCP PLAN.

12:00pm    Lunch

1:00pm      Verification Procedures

                Initial validation and the creation of requisite daily/weekly and periodic

                verification procedures will be discussed. Annual and periodic

                reassessment catalysts and procedures will be covered.

                Participants will complete their HACCP Plan forms with verification steps

                for their HACCP Plan.

2:00pm     Record Keeping

                 The role of records in your HACCP plan and records keeping requirements

                will be discussed specific to Part 123 requirements.

2:30pm     Sanitation Control Procedures (SCP)

                Creation of an SCP as a prerequisite program for your HACCP system.

                This session will cover what is required under the US FDA regulation for

                documenting compliance with the sanitation elements covered by

                Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP'S)

3:30pm     FDA HACCP Regulation

                A thorough discussion of the FDA HACCP regulation will be made;

                this session will culminate with a discussion about a processor's

                "next steps" to comply with existing regulation.

3:45pm     Break

4:00pm     HACCP Examination (optional)

                  End of Day 3





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